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NAME ; amy
AGE ; 15
BDAY; may 4
GRADE ; 10
EYE&HAIR COLOR ; green eyes, dark brown hair
DESCRIBE YOURSELF ; i'm a very short, asthmatic, jewish, vegetarian girl. i'm an honor student but i'm still one of the biggest slackers i know. my boyfriend likes to steal my pants. i steal his bandana because i think it makes him look like a stupid scene kid wannabe. on the weekends i go to local concerts with my short gay friend and my tall cheerleader friend (they call me their bitchy jewish friend). i drink way too much red bull for it to be healthy. i can recite the alphabet faster backwards than i can forwards. i used to figure skate and do ballet but i screwed up my ankles. i'm getting my hebrew name tattooed across my left wrist in the near future.
BANDS (10) ; fear before the march of flames, bright eyes, straylight run, pretty girls make graves, brand new, hot hot heat, the blood brothers, saetia, refused, fugazi
BOOKS (5) ; the perks of being a wallflower (stephen chbosky), white oleander (janet fitch), the bell jar (sylvia plath), dangerous angels (francesca lia block), i was a teenage fiary (francesca lia block)
TV (5) ; american idol (guilty pleasure), lost, sex and the city, dead like me, six feet under
MOVIES (5); amelie, breakfast at tiffany's, casablanca, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, love actually
FOOD&DRINKS (10) ; red bull, pad thai, chocolate pudding, jones soda, extra cheesy pizza, moros y cristianos (cuban), tofutti cuties, gummi bears, the frosty from wendy's, red bell pepper
STORES (5);, ebay, goodwill, pacsun, american eagle
CELBRITIES (3) ; jude law, audrey hepburn (i'm assuming dead ones count), angelina jolie
WHATS YOUR CURRENT FAVORITE SONG? ; the lisbon girls, oh the lisbon girls by fear before the march of flames
I am the one who haunts your dreams
Of mountains sunk below the sea.
I spoke the words but never
Gave a thought to what they all could mean.
I know that this is what you want.
A funeral keeps both of us apart.
You know that you are not alone.
Need you like water in my lungs.
This is the end.
-- play crack the sky by brand new
WHAT IS THE BEST COMMERCIAL? ; there are these local ones for some car dealership where the owner (he's in his 60s) dresses up like a woman and in weird costumes. it's funny in a really strange way.
MAKE ME LAUGH ; my exboyfriend cheated on me and then dumped me because i refused to have sex with him. now he has an STD. i think it's pretty funny.
MAKE ME CRY ; my step-uncle was getting pretty old and was sent to the hospital with pnuemonia. everybody thought he would die but he didn't. he got better and then died a few days when he got hit by a drunk driver.
YOUR FEELINGS ON .... ABORTION ; i would personally never have one, but i think it should be legal for those who really feel they need them. i think it's wrong to use it as a form of birth control. however, when it wasn't legal, people got abortions anyways with wire hangers and bicycle spokes. i'd rather have people getting abortions legally than like that.
YOUR FEELINGS ON .... BUSH ; i realize that it's president of the united states is a job that holds lots of responsibility. it is undoubtedly a very hard position to hold. i don't fully support the war, but i wouldn't fully support any war. i'm not a big fan of bush, but i don't make it my hobby to just sit around and bitch about him. he's not my ideal choice for president. then again, i can vote in the next election. until then i'll just tolerate him as best as i can.
YOUR FEELINGS ON .... DRUGS ECT. ; i am against drugs and alcohol. alcoholism runs in my family so i don't think alcohol is okay in any amount before the age of 21 (although i don't lecture people about it). once you're legal, i think it's okay in moderation. i don't agree with drugs under any circumstances.
DECRIBE YOUR RELIGOUS BELIVES ; i don't believe in jesus christ, which seems to cause a lot of problems. i got really close to a guy but he wouldn't date me because i am going to hell. the jewish religion doesn't believe in jesus, and i am jewish. that's all there is to it. i believe in god and then 10 commandments and all that good stuff. some people seem to think the absence of jesus makes me a godless heathen. it gets old really fast.
WHY SHOULD YOU BE ACCEPTED ; i'm honest. i'm active. i'm not really irritating and i don't TyPe LyKe DiS, yO!
LAST TIME YOU LISTENED TO THE SONG 'STACY'S MOM' ; earlier today. i was making a cd for my friend stacy.
HAVE YOU EVER GONE GOLFING ; i like mini golf...
IF YOU HAD TO GIVE YOURSELF A LABLE WHAT WOULD IT BE (and dont give me any of this i dont belive in lables shit, just choose one) ; i get emo a lot, so i'll choose that even though i hate that word.
WHAT PHRASE DO YOU USE MOST OFTEN ; "shazam", "oh snap", "BURN", and "dammit"
WHAT TYPE OF CAR DO YOU WANT ; anything that will get me to school and back. i'm not picky as long as i can stop riding the bus.
WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE MOD(s); i like your username. plus you have straylight run lyrics in your info. i like you.

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FINAL THAUGHTS ; my birthday is on the same day as audrey hepburn's. i think that's cool.
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