&jade; (ofthis_context) wrote in rock_my_mom,

CO-MOD - Theme

Do the following:

1. Name your Favorite Band
2. Why they're your favorite
3. Name one song by them that you think best describes you/your life
4.State why you chose it
5. Post 2 pics - 1 of them performing (it can be found on any site or if you sawtheand took pics post) 2. just a pic of the whole band together.

post under an lj cut

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do u have too??

been kinda busy lately...
its a theme to keep the commuity alive, and if it does start gettting active and the main mod decidesto make membercuts shes probably going to note that you didnt particiapte in teh themes.
okay fine....
i donno but it would have been nice if you waited for my approveal.
but meh.